In the era of Smart Cities, local authorities must adapt their resilience strategies in the event of natural- and man-disasters. Innovative technologies and applications are fundamental to face the unpredictability of these events.

It is with this in mind that the DynaHUBs partners have tested and evolved the application into a very powerful tool able to facilitate and coordinate first aid assistance, transportation of goods and injured people, or mass evacuations during crises such as terrorist attack or a wildfire.

DynaHUBs has proven to be more than an urban logistics application. Over the past months, several resilience scenarios have been tested in 2 European cities. Scenarios such as snow-storm, terrorist attacks, or floods have been tested to pilot the application’s potential to provide an effective solution to support communities and local authorities in crisis situations.





In collaboration with AKUT, the #1 search and rescue organisation in Turkey. Read more...


5 scenarios, including a snow storm and a terrorist attack. Read more...