A review of the FOTs carried in Turkey

During the two-year project cycle, seven Field Operational Tests (FOTs) were carried in Turkey (Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir) with the objective of testing and improving the usability of DynaHUBs. These pilots saw the participation of more than 1,260 beta-testers who performed 2,055 deliveries.

 In addition to the FOT carried in Istanbul with collaboration of AKUT to test the resilience potential of the app, other pilots were organised with the participation of several  students and professionals and the collaboration of local authorities, companies and associations.

Following and initial test carried in Ankara to gauge the interest for an urban logistics app, and to gather first impressions about the usability of DynaHUBs, students living in Izmir tested the application to receive parcels such as homemade food and additional clothes during the seasonal changes from their families living in the neighbouring cities.

DynaHUBs was also tested during the Book Week organised by the Atasehir Municipality in Istanbul. 57 books were collected and delivered with the participation of 23 senders and 8 messengers.

In addition, in order to analyse the app potential in the context of MaaS, UBER drivers were included to deliver parcels along with regular passengers’ transport. Testers were invited to perform the deliveries by using ride-sharing networks instead of public transport. By combining the two systems, and thanks to DynaHUBs smart routeing algorithm, it was possible to follow less congested alternative routes and radically decrease the commuting time.

With in mind the social benefits that DynaHUBs always wanted to promote, another pilot was carried in collaboration with KACUV (Foundation for Kids with Cancer) in Istanbul and with the help of 10 messengers. The purpose of this test was to promote KACUV’s awareness raising activities and in particular delivering promotional material to donors.

DynaHUBs was also tested in the context of e-commerce return deliveries. With the support of 50 senders and 23 messengers, 50 deliveries were performed in the Levent-Maslak region in Istanbul. Testers feedbacks were particularly positive about the use of the app in this context because of the ability to easily return unwanted item bought online.