First DynaHUBs FOT Carried Out in Brussels

From 12 to 23 June 2017 the DynaHUBs consortium carried a first Field Operation Test (FOT) in Brussels (Belgium). 31 users took part in this trial, performing 128 deliveries at the end of the 12-day exercise. 

Following months of development and fine-tuning, this real-life test was an opportunity to gauge the real interest for the application. The amount of deliveries completed, coupled with the positive feedback received during and after the FOT, have confirmed the potential of DynaHUBs as an innovative crowd-sourced urban logistics solution.

In September and October new extended FOTs will be conducted in Brussels & Antwerp (Belgium) and in Stockholm (Sweden); on this occasion the DynaHUBs team will aim at attracting an even higher number of testers.