The Project

DynaHUBs is a new application designed to accelerate sustainability through community-driven delivery .

Its novel technology and business model provides a new way of connecting routes and increases capacity for door-to-door cargo and freight logistics.

DynaHUBs is a peer-to-peer solution working in a very similar way to carpooling.  It is in fact a cargo/package pooling operation. DynaHUBs does not bring more vehicles to the neighbourhood. It makes use of vehicles already going there. 

DynaHUBs provides virtual meeting points that form a Physical Internet on the existing transportation infrastructure, enabling users to:

  • Switch between different modes of transport,

  • Cancel unnecessary journeys,

  • Shorten routes, and

  • Share capacity between vehicles, goods and people within the 'Physical Internet'.

DynaHUBs consists of living mechanisms and  changes dynamically according to users' needs, traffic patterns, weather conditions, and extreme situations such as natural- or man-made disasters.

Download the DynaHUBs leaflet here.

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The Partners