DynaHUBs: Crowdsourcing the Physical Internet in your neighbourhood.

DynaHUBs is a community-driven, door-to-door freight delivery platform where equals are serving each other. For us fetching and delivering is fun. It gives us social status and strengthens our local community and friendships.  

Our messengers carry the spirit of Santa Claus; they are happy to reach out and connect to people in their neighbourhoods. They feel like local ambassadors.” 



Our Cities

In 2017-2018 DynaHUBs will reach commercial readiness by launching field operational tests in Istanbul (Turkey), Brussels and Antwerp (Belgium), Stockholm (Sweden) and Madrid (Spain). 

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Our Goals

Maximise the use of existing infrastructure capacity.

Support new business models for low-cost urban mobility.

Promote higher environmental and safety standards for logistics.


Our Achievements

8 cities

Ankara, Antwerp, Brussels, Istanbul, Izmir, Leuven, Madrid Stockholm.

1,533 testers

From different backgrounds, including  students and professionals.

13 FOTs

To test the app functionalities and potential in crisis situations such as floods & terrorist attacks.

4,335 deliveries

Including during resilience FOTs with the support of local search & rescue organisations. 


Get Involved

If you live in one of our cities, do not miss this unique experience. We accept participants regardless of their skill level, age, gender or ethnicity. 

Make your community happier. Get involved now. 

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